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We believe when a company has integrity and operate honestly everything else – customers, success and growth – falls into place. Lotus Staffing promotes doing things the right way. We serve our clients by providing credible solutions, reports and people who contribute to our clients’ success.

By keeping the best interests of our customers at the forefront of our operations, we consistently provide flexible solutions to each and every client. We genuinely value our customers and their companies; striving to always be honorable in our dealings. We offer authentic and real solutions that prove our commitment and help our customers achieve success.

At Lotus, we like to think we’re big enough to offer big-company solutions, but small enough to personally cater to each customer. We prove this by giving all our customers access to all levels of Lotus management.

You will find that integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do. You may find less expensive staffing services, but you won’t find a company that is more committed to providing your business with the competitively-priced value you deserve.

At Lotus, we never “leave you hanging” when you call. Our phones are answered by a Lotus staffing professional twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Your call is never answered by an answering service.

For more information about our services, you can email us at info@Lotusstaffingagency.com or call us at 972-410-3685

If you are a medical provider interested in exploring staffing alternatives – or – an experienced RN, LVN, Respiratory Therapist or other Allied health professional looking for supplemental, full time assignments, or travel assignments around the country, please call Lotus now! Our phone is answered 24 hours a day!

As a client of Lotus Staffing, who are my contacts with your company?

Day-to-day contact with our team is typically at the branch level. The branch team and Area Manager ensure all orders are filled and expectations are met. Director-level staff and members of the Executive Committee also maintain involvement with our partnership level accounts to ensure overall client satisfaction.  Quarterly Business Reviews are one part of an overall client company satisfaction program.  Problem resolution can be addressed at any level, including the Executive level.
Does Lotus Have retention plan to eliminate high turn-over?

Yes. Lotus has a “Dependability and Premium Pay” policy in place. Our employees are given this policy during the interview process. The policy states when an employee accepts an assignment they are given the premium pay rate. They may continue to receive the premium pay rate as long as they are on time and are not absent. If at any time an employee fails to perform the duties as required by the customer, their pay is decreased to minimum wage and they may lose the opportunity to continue the assignment. This eliminates turn-over, tardiness, and repeated absences because our employees want to maintain the premium pay and possible have a chance to make the assignment a permanent position.
If I need help in quickly staffing a new operation, how fast can Lotus Staffing respond?

Over the years, we have entered new markets simply at the request of current or potential clients. Many of these new markets were home to facilities with hundreds of temporary associates or hundreds of openings for temporary associates, and we have always been able to ramp to and maintain a fully staffed on-site operation within weeks.
How and where do you recruit to fill open positions?

Recruiting quality applicants is paramount for any staffing company, as is the ability to recruit the required quantity of associates. At Emergent, we accomplish this through a variety of strategies including website, job boards, newspaper, radio, television, job fairs, employee referrals, community networking, Workforce Development Agencies, colleges and universities, referrals from local and state agencies, and our own network of branch offices strategically located in highly visible, highly traveled areas with an emphasis on adequate parking and accessibility. Each Lotus office is part of our Wide Area Network, making it possible for all offices to view and access candidates and associates irrespective of which Lotus office the applicant originally applied
How do you screen applicants for available positions?

Depending on the situation and the jobs we are recruiting for, Lotus will tailor a screening strategy from our extensive library of screening tools. We have access to screening tools that range from personality tests, ability tests, language tests, software application tests, customer service ability tests, call center tests, and much more. With our roots in the pre-employment testing industry, we have literally thousands of screening tools at our disposal.Our belief is that simply providing good associates is not enough. The best staffing companies in the world work hard to understand staffing needs in the context of supporting client business objectives.  Lotus has a record of accomplishment of bringing effective, business relevant solutions to our partners.
Do you use E-Verify?

Yes.  We were a very early adopter of the E-Verify program, a link-up between the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration aimed at minimizing the chance of mistakenly employing an individual without legal rights to work in the United States.  Every internal Lotus employee receives specialized E-Verify training, and every candidate in every branch office is processed through the system.  Maintaining a legal workforce minimizes risk, reduces turnover, and increases retention in our client companies.
Does Lotus Staffing have any hiring requirements?

Some staffing firms believe it is their duty to place each and every applicant in a job. While that is certainly charitable, it is not how we function. Applicants do not pay us. You pay us to recruit, screen and select only those employees who are qualified to work in your facility making your products and servicing your customers. We send you only those employees who will do the job and do it well.
Who helps new associates understand the expectations of the Client Company?

Lotus conducts customized orientations to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients.  Our objective is to provide our associates a thorough understanding of all policies, procedures and expectations.  This process is a key factor in increasing retention.
Do you place a priority on the safety of your associates and their worksite at the Client Company?

We incorporate safety into each associate orientation. Our Safety and Risk Management programs ensure that we maintain an ongoing focus on safety. Our essential job function reviews help us develop a true understanding of the physical requirements of the job. Occupational Health Nurses provide conservative treatment for associates with minor injuries and case management for more serious situations.


Lotus Staffing

– Our “bread and butter.” Commercial (“traditional”) staffing solutions for light-industrial and clerical facilities.

Workforce Solutions

– Large client, multi-market commercial staffing program that epitomizes the partnership relationship, making Lotus part of a facility’s team and allowing full integration into the client’s business model.

Lotus Professional

– Contract and direct hire placements. Annual salaries of contractors and direct hires is generally between $40,000 – $200,000

Lotus Academy

– Total workforce development and readiness training for all Lotus Associates. Specialized programs can also be administered on a client-by-client or facility-by-facility basis,



– Positions beginning as temporary with expectation of full-time placement after a defined period of time

Strategic Staffing / Flexible Staffing / Seasonal Staffing

– Staffing that has become an integral component of a strategic plan, driven by market instability, recruiting challenges, seasonal fluctuations, or a need to quickly adjust expenses.

Traditional Temporary / Short-Term Staffing

– Typically for a short, defined period of time; often for vacation, medical leave, projects, or other short-term needs.

Direct Placement

– Assuming the role of an agent who matches the job seeker with a client’s full-time position.


– Highly skilled, highly educated employee working in niche industry or on a special project. Typically, contractors work for defined periods of time in order to supplement a company’s permanent workforce with their specialized expertise.

Payroll Services

– Client sources temporary associate and refers them to Lotus Staffing. We assume costs including payroll, taxes, unemployment, etc.

Pre-employment assessment and background screening

– Lotus provides a full range of drug tests, background screening and more than 700 skills tests. We provide CEU credits to our medical staff and manage certification updating.